Ayvalık, Step by Step

Ayvalık, Step by Step

Ayvalık, Step by Step

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Ayvalık invites you…

I can easily say that Ayvalık is like no other, or to be more accurate it is one of a kind. And it certainly is no ordinary coastal town, either. Ayvalık is truly an original; a multi-faceted, multi-colored world with its meticulously protected cultural structure, unparalleled architecture, extraordinary nature, clean and crisp air, 100-km long coastal strip, crystal clear sea, fine sandy beaches, poetic islands, inspiring atmosphere, rich variety of food, and friendly, modern people...

For instance, Ayvalık Islands Nature Park is the largest nature reserve in Turkey, and really amazing. Aiming to revitalize the hiking trails, we as Ayvalık Chamber of Commerce, prepared a project with an environmental approach.

Southern Marmara Development Agency (GMKA) assessed our project, approved and financed it. We named the project “Adım Adım Ayvalık- Ayvalık, Step by Step” and cultivated two 10-km hiking and mountain biking trails, one in Cunda and one in Sarımsaklı with signage that befits the spirit of the Park and respects the environment.

Central Taksiyarhis Church

Ayvalık also has the richest underwater floor structure in Turkey. There are more than twenty islands that form an ecological niche in terms of underwater flora and fauna. These islands offer around 60 diving locations that provide suitable conditions all year long.

Sports like sailing and trekking, in addition to gourmet tourism are areas that continue to grow in Ayvalık. Every year, we accommodate a large number of visitors from many countries around the world.

As I have said before, Ayvalık is unlike any other place, it has created its own brands. With Cunda, Küçükköy, Sarımsaklı, Altınova and all the other hidden treasures it is truly a heaven on earth waiting to be discovered.

This “guide” hopes to capture your attention and welcome you to Ayvalık... And our hope is to ensure that you experience all that Ayvalık offers fully and that you get a chance to taste our world-famous olives and olive oils where they are produced.

Yes... Ayvalık invites you to immerse yourself in its magnificent history and diverse cultures, and have a great time in the company of unforgettable tastes and views. We look forward to welcoming you in Ayvalık not only during the summer months but any time throughout the year...


With my very best wishes,
Rahmi Gençer
President of Ayvalık Chamber of Commerce


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“Ayvalık, Step by Step” Project has been planned and executed by Ayvalık Chamber of Commerce, and financed by Republic of Turkey Southern Marmara Development Agency.

“The contents of this publication which has been issued as part of the Southern Marmara Development Agency Financial Aid Programs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Southern Marmara Development Agency and/or the Ministry of Development, and Ayvalık
Chamber of Commerce is solely responsible for the contents.


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